Humiliation isn't what you thought it was...

Are you taking the time to invest in being a better YOU? A minute a day doing so is better than not doing anything at all. That one minute reminds you that you have purpose, that you are worth it,

whatever that “IT” may be for you.

Humiliation, humility, humble, humbleness, humbled. Words that people throw around loosely, but so many people fail to really live a humble life. Let me explain.

Humility is freedom from pride or arrogance : the quality or state of being humble

Humble is not proud or haughty : not arrogant or assertive

Leading a humble life or living in humility isn’t about not doing what’s best for you or having the best things in life; it’s knowing that you are who you are with those “things” or without them. It’s knowing that you are no one’s judge and life is a gift that you cherish. It’s knowing that you work hard for the life you live and deserve what’s best for you. Humility isn’t something that is given it is something understood and implemented. It is a conscious decision demonstrating our awareness that we are the captains of our soul and the creators of our own destiny.

Some tips to take you through a life led by humility are as follows:

Gratefulness: Don’t just be grateful, make gratitude a part of your day. If you could identify three things you are grateful for every morning that is a beautiful start to a humble life. Some people call it prayer others a conversation, whatever you call it, it’s a way to show gratitude. When you are thankful for what you have you create room for better whatever better may be for you.

DON’T be a follower, be a STUDENT: As a student you are walking in humility willing to learn to do what is needed to be the best version of yourself. You listen well to others by listening to understand their perspective, not to agree or disagree, but to understand. Being a student also means being coachable. As a student of life you are living with the understanding that the value your life has is what makes you a better person each day. Remember the decisions that we make must be our own; our decisions must be a conclusion of the lessons we’ve learned through the experiences of others as well as our own. My favorite phrase is Today’s decision is tomorrow’s living.

Sincerity: Being sincere is an act of honesty and truth. It’s knowing that we are all humans and all desire the same thing: to be the best of ourselves. Now whether we act on that desire or not it is there. Be sincere in all you do. Sincerity doesn’t mean you won’t be wrong, but it does mean you value your integrity and choose honesty over superficiality.

Humility is a mixture of things and the a few were given to you: be grateful, be a student and be sincere. Being humble is a step in becoming the best version of yourself.