Attitudes Create Thoughts That Become Action

Life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% of how you react.

Attitude is the foundation for thought. You can have a positive attitude leading to positive thoughts which lead to positive actions, situations and interactions. A bad attitude can lead to negative thoughts and negative experiences which often snowball and can affect our state of mind. This is why ATTITUDE is so important as it is the basis of our thoughts. Attitude gives us the power to change our thoughts and perspectives. The actions reflected from our thoughts may not be what we do, but can also be how we respond to our experiences.

My attitude toward a series of what seemed like unfortunate events was a reflection of my then-current attitude, I chose to accept those “bad” things as bad things happening to me, I chose to operate in a pitiful state. Negative attitude, negative thoughts, negative experiences, Murphy’s Law.

Our attitude is a reflection of how we are perceiving situations. There is the perception that each situation is personal and not personalized to our particular journey in life. This is wrong, because every interaction we have is there for us to learn something. A willingness to become a better self will aid in thought-conception (what you think) and act(ion)-perception (how you respond or view a situation).

You see positive thinking won’t let you do anything, but it will allow you to do everything better than negative thinking.

So yes I ran out of gas, my phone broke, and my car engine failed (if you didn’t read my story click here); but with a positive attitude I realized that these events are just that, events, they are not who I am. Utilizing an attitude of gratitude and knowing that each experience comes with a lesson, the good the bad the ugly, I was able to move forward with unaffected thoughts and actions.

This week remember your attitude is the basis of your thoughts which create action (experiences). If you begin having fear based thoughts, you may have a fearful attitude, which can lead to procrastination of acting on your goals. A loving attitude will provide loving thoughts and create loving actions.

You must be the captain of your soul, and lead your life with the attitude that you will be the best of yourself each day.