What do you Believe?

It just seems like too much. It just seems like its so much. I’m stressed. I am overwhelmed. Where do I go from here? These are all words we speak to our selves. No matter what it is all conversations begin within.

Are your conversations with yourself on the positive end of the spectrum or on the negative end of the spectrum? It doesn’t matter how positive we are, we will always need more, more motivation, more positivity, more reassurance. Guess what!? We won’t always find that in others, but we will ALWAYS find that within.

The hardest thing you can do, isn’t carrying out the necessary steps in achieving your goals, but it is to actually BELIEVE in yourself! To believe is to accept truth about ourselves.

We can sometimes see things for others, and in return expect people to see the vision that we have of ourselves. Sometimes people do and sometimes they don’t. BUT that is okay, because we are the most important person who must see the person that we desire to become. Don’t measure success by the success of others. What you define as success is not how I would define success. Distracting self by covetously watching others on their success journey, will begin to limit the vision and belief that we have in ourselves.

Success is individualized.

Identify what your ULTIMATE goal is -- if you don’t know or can’t easily identify what that is, acknowledge that you wish to become a better person.

Write the steps that you KNOW are needed to achieve the goals—we know what road we need to take and sometimes it is the road less traveled.

Make the DECISION to commit yourself to your ULTIMATE goal.

BELIEVE IT and take it one day at a time. You will be 100% today and tomorrow be what you think is 50%. BUT know this every day you work towards your dream is you being 100%, the day you don’t do anything that puts you closer to your goal is you cheating yourself and results in an effort of 0%. Whatever is your best is today may not be your best tomorrow, each day of effort although different will be measured at 100%. The only thing less is 0% and that’s if you don’t do ANYTHING!

Believe. Act. Succeed.