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Affirmations. It’s a buzzword eh…EVERYBODY has tapped into the ‘secret’ of affirmations. It’s more efficient to say many people are becoming more conscious of the immersed experiences of affirmations. There are many thoughts, and opinions on affirmations, and the truth is my book is just another one of those thoughts/opinions. I am grateful that you have chosen to connect with me on this affirmative experience, because our journey together; me writing and you reading these very words are an affirmation in itself.


Affirmations aren’t something new, they are something that are becoming more prevalent, mainstream and normalized we give thanks. Prayers, scriptures, Sanskrit’s, mantras, Jewish writings, Muslim writings, Buddhist writings, songs/music, are all examples of affirmations. They are words that we agree to in our personal-spiritual journeys.


This eBook has 13 mind, soul and life changing affirmations that are experiential.  From a divine voice of melanin these affirmations were created in the frequency of love.  

Thoughts to Affirmations: A Deeper Connection

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