To Live a RICH life

Hey YOU! Your life just became a LOT RICHER!  My name is Amber RichBook. My intention is to inspire and empower others to elevate to living a RICH life by choosing to rewrite the narratives of their own BOOKs.



Meet A.RichBook

To live a RICH life is more than the physical its the WHOLE of you. 

Known as A.RichBook, is an advocate for healing and self-discovery.  Through her wholistic and omnist-intuitive approach RichBook connects others to new insights, perspectives, solutions and experiences, concurrent with and reflective of the ARICHBOOK Experience.

Intuitive-led coaching, RichBook works closely with individuals and groups to discover their innate abilities understanding that everything they seek is already within. 

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Growth Mindset is yours NOW

I always tell people if you don't know where to start you must start with a MADE UP MIND... A CHOICE...To live RICH is deciding that you are worth every effort to live the life you desire! 

Dive in the the ins and outs of transforming your mind...Getting out of a fixed mindset can be difficult. What happens over time is that people learn certain habits or patterns of beliefs that are tied to specific experiences that are often painful. These experiences compound until the person becomes convinced that life is just the way it is and you have to make the most of it. This e-book is going to teach you how to have a growth mindset.

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