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Do you want your event attendees to be inspired, motivated, and empowered to take charge of their lives?  Do you want your event to leave attendees feeling refreshed and rejuvenated? 


Do you have an idea for a seminar that will inspire, motivate and empower attendees to take charge of their lives?  

If your answer is YES to any and all of these, you are in need of the 'RichBook' experience.

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Whether you need a host, event/workshop facilitator, panelist, or keynote speaker, A.RichBook Speaks can fulfill that need. 


Amber can speak, facilitate, and teach on a variety of topics which include:

Professional Development Topics

You are your First Career: Career transitions, Networking and Professionalism

A Boss versus A Leader: Leadership development; Diversity and Inclusion; Organizational Management

Self-Development Topics

Living a RICH Life: Lifestyle , Life planning, Vision maps and boards

Adversity is an Endorsement of Success: Self-Help, Self-Love, Empowerment

Faith-Based Topic

You GOD This: A Keynote about trust-- trusting the highest power and trust of self.

Relationship Topic

Self Love over Any Love: Intimacy, Friendships, Romantic Relationships, Healing


Book Amber for your NEXT event as a keynote speaker, host, facilitator or panelist.

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Understand that life is happening for you not to you.  The way the world sees you is irrelevant to the way you see you.  How you love yourself is a demonstration of the love expected from others.  Getting to the next level in life is first getting to the next level within. --A.RichBook