1:1 Intuitive Reading with RichBook is designed to heal, inspire and empower others to elevate and live a RICH spiritual life by choosing to rewrite the narratives of their own BOOKs


What is this Rich Life you speak of RichBook?

When most people hear RICH they automatically think monetary substance.  But I am speaking of having a HIGH value of self, .  Digging deep within to explore, and mine the abundance of natural resources you possess.

An intuitive reading is used to provide specific guidance, empowerment and tools to lead one (or a group) to the fulfilling experience of self empowerment--a true Realization of Individuality, to Confidently create their forever Happiness.

Empowerment coaching sessions can explore a variety of topics which include: Lifestyle (Goal Setting/Vision Mapping), Relationships, Career Readiness, Professionalism, Diversity etc, all dependent on your need.  

I am ready to be a partner in this next phase leveling up and growth.


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